Skin Care Services

Let our certified massage therapists and estheticians care for your sore muscles and skin care needs.  

Relax and enjoy all that our spa team has to offer!



Percentage off package offer applies to the purchase of any 3 services that are alike, offer not valid on different services. Offer valid on select services and are available with select service providers. Offer not valid on gift card packages. Some exclusions and restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts, Heath Salon & Spa reserves the right to discontinue offer at any time.


 A resurfacing technique that whisks away dead skin cells revealing a healthy, youthful complexion. This procedure is safe and effective for the treatment of Fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scars and other imperfect ions. This procedure is most effective when used in a series.

Starting at $90*

European Facial

 Individually tailored to restore youthful vitality and natural radiance for all skin types. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, a mask and a relaxing neck, arm and hand massage.


Starting at $79*

Micro dermal facial

 The “Best of Both Worlds” facial combines the pampering aspects of the European Facial with the performance of a microdermabrasion exfoliation for extra polishing of the skin.


Starting at $99*


minus 10 facial

This facial provides a luminous glow by infusing the skin with active ingredients that stimulate, repair and rejuvenate skin. This facial also stimulates cells to produce more collagen.

Starting at $109*

sports facial

Incorporates all-important earthy, organic minerals and plants partnered with cutting edge bio-tech ingredients for the ultimate in men’s skin rejuvenation.

Starting at $64*


Additional Skin Care Services +

• Mommy To Be Facial - This facial offers customized options for each skin type to help combat the most common skin challenges during pregnancy: acne, melasma and rosacea. Reveals a youthful, glowing complexion. Starting at $95

• Facial Extraordinaire - Soothe, rejuvenate and nourish your skin with incredible sensations and euphoric aromas. Starting at $99

• Pumpkin Refresher Treatment - Experience the valuable benefits of natural pumpkin extracts- one of nature’s most nutritious foods. Pumpkin contains superior antioxidants Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. This treatment dissolves, softens and exfoliates resulting in healthier and glowing skin. Starting at $89

• Young Again! Body Peel - A mid-depth body peel that lightens, brightens, firms and tones the sun damaged chest area, as well as minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. This peel incorporates both Microdermabrasion and a chemical peel. Starting at $129

• Radiance Treatment - Healing rejuvenation for sensitive skin with broken capillaries and skin that is prone to redness and irritation. Through the stimulation at a cellular level, the skin is able to repair and produce a healthy, natural glow. Starting at $95

• Teen Facial - Gives teens quick, effective support with a thorough deep cleanse. This facial uses digestive enzymes to support normal to problematic skin with the soothing relief of a Rosemary Basil Mask that has a healing and calming effect for healthier skin. Starting at $55

• Melanin Suppressant Facial - Lighten and brighten skin tone with our pigment reduction enzyme as skin is treated to a unique blend of lightening nutrients. Starting at $95

• Melanin Lift Peel - This treatment will lighten discoloration and even skin tone with 2-3 days of moderate peeling. Starting at $129

• Baby Boomer Peel - One of the most popular mid-depth peels designed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. This peel reduces pore size, improves skin texture and hydrates skin. Starting at $129

• Micro Maui Peel - This treatment incorporates Microdermabrasion with a pineapple enzyme for a deeper exfoliation with no down time or visible peeling. Starting at $99

• Aromatherapy - Ask your therapist about our wide array of oils, each with their own healing properties, to compliment and enhance any service. Starting at $5

• Exfoliating Lip Treatment - Exfoliate away dry dead skin, uncovering lips that feel soft and plump! Starting at $5

• Collagen Eye Treatment - Firms and renews the eye area for a light lift that gives a smooth, youthful and rested appearance! Starting at $10

• Paraffin Therapy - (face and/or hand masking treatment)- Soften skin, increase blood flow and elasticity with a soothing, youthful and smooth appearance! Starting at $10

• Mask, Enzyme or Acid Treatment Upgrade - Enhance any skin care service with an Enzyme or Acid peel that can be customized to your needs! *Enzyme Therapy- Increase exfoliation, smoothness and nourishment to skin. *Glycolic Peel- Improve structural integrity deep into the dermis. Very beneficial for sensitive and acne-prone skin while improving fine lines. *Lactic Acid- Moisturizing, hydrating and exfoliating properties will add softness and smoothness to the skin while improving fine lines. Starting at $20

Skin Care Add-on's +

Mask, Enzyme or Acid Treatment Upgrade -Enhance any skin care service with an Enzyme or Acid peel.

*Enzyme Therapy - Increase exfoliation, smoothness and nourishment to skin.
*Glycolic Peel - Improve structural integrity deep into the dermis. BeneFicial for sensitive and acne-prone skin while improving Fine lines.
*Lactic Acid - Moisturizing, hydrating and exfoliating properties will add softness and smoothness to the skin while improving Fine lines. Starting at $20

• Mini Eye Refresher - Transform eyes to a more dewy, youthful and softened appearance! Starting at $5

• Deluxe Pomegranante Eye Treatment- - Rejuvenate tone and firm eye area while reducing puffiness, crow’s feet and crepey skin for younger looking eyes. Starting at $20

• Mini Hand Refresher - Buff away dead and help moisturize dehydrated hands, leaving hands looking softer and smoother. Starting at $5

• Deluxe Hand Rejuvenaton - Lighten and brighten skin tone and reduce age spots for a more youthful appearance. This treatment leaves hands soft and nurtured for a glowing radiance.
Starting at $15

• Décolleté - This treatment helps improve overall elasticity and tightens chest area tissue while soothing and fortifying the décolleté for a radiant glow. Starting at $45

• Scalp Oil Treatment - Luxuriate with our damaged hair solution for smooth and shine hair. May we suggest you immediately follow this with an ‘in salon’ shampoo and conditional treatment for an ‘out and about’ finish. Starting at $15

Special Occasion Makeup +

• Contouring & Photo Ready Makeup - Starting at $75

• Flawless Airbrush Makeup - Starting at $100

Eyelash Extensions +

• Eyelash Extensions - Starting at $150

• Eyelash Fills - Starting at $50

• Eyelash Strips - Starting at $25

Waxing & Tinting +

• Tinting
Eyelash tinting, starting at $26
Brow Tinting, starting at $20
Eyelash and Brow combo, starting at $40

• Waxing, Facial & Body
Starting at $15

• Body Waxing
Starting at $25

• Ear Candling
An alternative practice to remove ear wax and reduce pressure.
Starting at $25